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12- December 2014 Germany - Our Brunsbüttel bunkerstation's offer is ready for the 2015 ECA regulations

Since the beginning of November TOTAL Marine Fuels in Germany is offering a new quality DMA gasoil grade (density max 0.890, sulfur max 0.1%) in addition to the traditional DMA gasoil grade (dens. max 860, sulfur max 0,1%) which it has been supplying for several years from its bunker installation inside the Kiel-Canal. Thorsten Hesse, Manager Sales and Supply is confident that this grade will be of interest to many of our customers  having to switch from the LS IFO when the new sulfur regulations come into force at the start of 2015. Both qualities can be delivered ex-pipe from 15 t up to a few hundred tons.

This offer compliments the strategy to also offer a low sulfur heavy fuel which is suitable for ships equipped with scrubbers. Thorsten added that increasingly he is seeing more and more ships using such technology especially in the area of Brunsbüttel, which is conveniently located in the middle of the ECA region. The quality offered will include both IFO 180 and IFO 380 with a consistent sulfur content of abt. 1,3%, an essential consideration in the optimization of the scrubber design.

Furthermore the flexibility of the Brunsbüttel facility permits Total Marine Fuels to offer tailor-made solutions from 1,0% to 3,5 % sulfur. 
All these ISO 8217 (E2010) products can be supplied by our barges in the ports of Hamburg, Stade, Brunsbüttel and up to Kiel. Finally for vessels using high sulfur fuel with abatement technology or navigating outside the ECA regions the high sulfur grades historically supplied will continue to be available.

Thorsten confirms that the aim of Total Marine Fuels Germany is to be viewed by our customers as a multi-energy supplier providing bunkering solutions, initially based on Fuel Oil and Gasoil and in the future on LNG and other alternatives.

For further questions please contact;

TOTAL Marine Fuel Germany 
Tel: + 49 4852 888 266

13- January 2014 New general email address for the European, African and Asian desks

It is now easier to find the good contact person for any bunker inquiry worldwide using the following email addresses:

European desk:

Asian desk:

African desk:


For more contact details, please visit our directory:

03- March 2014 New Asia Pacific Deputy Sales Manager / Senior Bunker Trader

We are glad to welcome today Eura T.Kim as our new Deputy Sales Manager for Asia and Oceania. Eura is Korean and he strenghtens our Singapore desk with his 15 years of bunker trading experience. Our new Senior Bunker trader has solid experience of trading and marketing bunker internationnaly as well as that in Korean ports.
For his contact details, please visit our directory:

13- January 2014 New general email address for the European, African and Asian desks

It is now easier to find the good contact person for any bunker inquiry worldwide using the following email addresses:

European desk:

Asian desk:

African desk:


For more contact details, please visit our directory:

20-December 2013 New global business structure: TOTAL Marine Fuels Pte Ltd

TOTAL has been reorganising its Marketing and Services Branch and hence why, at the end of 2012, the Marine Fuels activity has been restructured into a global business entity with its headquarters in Singapore: TOTAL Marine Fuels Private Limited (TMF).

TMF is responsible for the worldwide activity of Marine Fuels for TOTAL that is currently undertaken in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. More specifically our business undertaken by TOTAL Marketing & Services (TMS) had been transferred the 1st of December 2013 to TMF.

Consequently, we hereby give you notice that with effect from the 1st of December 2013, TMS had assign to TMF all its rights, title, interest and benefit as per the current agreement between you and TMS (‘the contract’).

- Starting December 1st, invoices issued by TMF have to be paid in accordance with the paymentinstructions below:

TOTAL Marine Fuels Pte Ltd


Branch: CITIBANK N.A Singapore Branch

Swift Code: CITISGSG

Account numbers:

0-856907-031 (For payment in USD)

0-856907-066 (For payment in Euros)
Please refer all future correspondences, dealings and payments in respect of your contract with TOTAL Marine Fuels Pte Ltd to the following address:

TOTAL Marine Fuels Pte Ltd
250 North Bridge Road
#37-02 Raffles City Tower
Singapore 179101
E-mail :
For any question, please contact your account manager. 

05-July 2013 New registered name

We inform you that as of July, 5th 2013, TOTAL RAFFINAGE MARKETING will change its registered name for TOTAL MARKETING SERVICES. All agreements with TOTAL RAFFINAGE MARKETING will automatically continue under the same terms and conditions without any other formalities. All your payments have to be done in the name of TOTAL MARKETING SERVICES.For any question, please contact your account manager. 

15-January 2013 Total Marine Fuels sponsors Maritime Week Africa, Durban 28-31 January 2013

This maritime event aimed at highlighting Africa's increasingly prominent role in the shipping and offshore industry. Our Area Sales and Business Development Manager for Africa and India, Hammama Sait-Demajean will host a conference on bunkering opportunities in South-East Africa focusing on Mauritius, a key trading hub upgrading its bunkering facilities and cargo handling capability.

28-August 2012 Introduction of Low-Sulphur Fuel Oil Bunker Supply in Singapore

Total Marine Fuels is pleased to announce the introduction of Low-Sulphur Fuel Oil Max sulphur 1.0% (LSFO 380cst.) into our list of product offerings in Singapore starting September 2012.                                                                                                                                                                                      Total is confident we can be a key supplier to the growing demand of low-sulphur fuel oil and low-sulphur gas oil in Singapore. Moving forward, we welcome all spot and term enquiries with regards for bunker supply of low-sulphur fuel oil and low-sulphur gas oil.                                                                                                                                                                                We thank you for your continuous support and look forward to serving you better.

05-July 2012 In-port Dakar EX-PIPE regular and qualitative physical offer with RMG 380 cst

On the trend of the West African maritime traffic increase, Total Marine Fuels is expanding its Senegal bunkering solutions. Already physical in-port Dakar for a long time with a MGO offer, TMF is imporiving its regular and qualitative physical offer with RMG 380 cst. (ISO-8217, specs 2010) available in-port Dakar ex-pipe.

15-May 2012 Marseille / Fos-sur-Mer / Lavera:  FO 380 HS availabilities are back

We offer again FO 380 using our time chartered Cap Sicié bunker tanker in Fos-sur-Mer / Lavera / Marseille. FO 500 (barge) & MGO (truck) deliveries are on-going.

02-May 2012 Anna Whitehouse is appointed Managing Director of Total Marine Fuels succeeding Christophe Girardot who has held this position for the past 4 years.

Anna is a Chemical Engineer & has spent 25 years working in the Petroleum Industry, of which 20 years with the Total group holding various positions in France, the UK and abroad. Her 10 years experience in Asia working mainly in the lubricants and retail businesses will be a strength for the development of Total Marine Fuels in this region. Her latest position was at the Group headquarters (Paris), where she was Head of Marketing Strategy for the Marketing division.                                                                                                      “Today, Total Marine Fuels has several faces.In Europe our aim is to market bunker fuels produced by the European refineries of the Total group including Le Havre, Donges, Fos/Lavera & Antwerpen. We can offer attractive supply contracts and spot prices on all kind of grades from the regular FO 380 & MGO to low-sulfur FO380 and high viscosity fuels FO500 and FO700 in all the French ports and strategic ARA ports thanks to our chartered ships and storage capacities (e.g., 6 bunker vessels in France, 20KT storage and 3 bunkers barges in Zeebrugge).                                                                                       We also have a unique presence in Africa and in the Indian Ocean (more than 40 ports) backed by our network of local affiliates and including participation in local refineries and 2 bunker vessels off-Senegal and in Port-Louis (Mauritius). Our African desk is very active with calls coming from fishing fleet owners, navy, cruise ship, traders, bulk carrier and liner companies, for whom reliability, product quality and safety is at the centre of our operations.                                                                                                                                 Our Singapore office is the hub for our relations with the Asian shipowners, and also markets our availabilities in the Pacific islands such as Fiji, Noumea, and Papeete.                                                                                                                            In the future, Total Marine Fuels aims to continue to provide a premium physical presence and develop global trading and risk management solutions serving our customers worldwide with the support of our Trading Department, Total Trading. Our aim is to be present and to provide a customized service wherever and whenever it is required”

07-March 2012 Total Marine Fuels is starting in-port barge deliveries in Dakar (Sénégal)  ( RMG 380 HS & MGO (DMA))

Already physical in-port with MGO ex-pipe, Total Marine fuels has positioned a barge in port to supply vessels operating in Dakar (in port or opl). This bunker tanker has a capacity of  2,800 MT and will deliver both HFO 380 and MGO. With this additional service TMF is reinforcing its position in this strategic port in West Africa.
Your enquiries can already be sent to 

05-March 2012 Low sulfur FO 380 deliveries in Le Havre

Deliveries by barge with the time chartered Cimil & ST Sara bunker tankers and truck of FO 380 low sulfure in Le Havre are increasing. All other grades including the FO 700 are available as usual.

2-Mar 2012 Conference: Bunker fuel purchase, a key factor of sucess for your competitivness

Join us at the conference organized by the Port of Le Havre Autority and Le Havre Association of Shipowners and Shipping Agentson Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 -  5 PM at the Espace André Graillot meeting room, Chaussée Kennedy, Le Havre. 

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