10 July 2017 - Total, Brittany Ferries, Dunkerque LNG and Groupe Charles Andre Partner to Supply Liquified Natural Gas to the First French LNG-Powered Cruise Ferry

Total, Brittany Ferries, Dunkerque LNG and Groupe Charles André Partner to Supply Liquefied Natural Gas to the First French LNG-Powered Cruise Ferry

Paris, July 10, 2017 – Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions (TMFGS), the Total affiliate responsible for marketing marine fuels worldwide, and Brittany Ferries (BAI[1])  this morning signed a multi-year contract to supply LNG bunker to the Honfleur in the port of Ouistreham, France. On June 20, BAI confirmed its order for the new ship, the first LNG-powered French cruise ferry, which will operate between Ouistreham and Portsmouth, England from 2019.

LNG’s environmental performance is set to make it a particularly attractive solution for shipping, allowing operators to meet the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) new sulfur regulations, applicable in Emission Control Areas (ECA) since 2015 and worldwide from 2020 (“global cap”). LNG also reduces emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx), particles and CO₂. TMFGS is supporting the growth of this new marine fuel. It intends to become a major player in this market.

To address the lack of LNG infrastructure in the ports served by the Honfleur, TMFGS has partnered with two other French companies to implement an innovative supply chain using ISO containers[2] for LNG bunkering. The agreement with Dunkerque LNG covers the construction of an automated truck loading dock where the containers will be filled with LNG. The agreement with Groupe Charles André (CGA) covers the supply and transportation of ISO containers equipped with geolocation trackers and pressure sensors. Transported by truck from the LNG terminal of Dunkirk to the port of Ouistreham, the containers will be lifted aboard the cruise ferry using onboard cranes, to supply a fixed LNG storage tank at the rear of the superstructure. Once empty, the containers will be offloaded at the next call at Ouistreham and replaced by full containers.

Olivier Jouny, Managing Director of TMFGS, is pleased with the contracts: “The agreement with Brittany Ferries is a landmark one — our first contract to supply LNG bunker. In addition, the work carried out with Dunkerque LNG and Groupe Charles André has made it possible to supply the LNG by developing a safe, innovative logistics solution thanks in particular to the digitalization of container tracking. We are proud of these agreements, which mark a milestone in the growth of LNG in France.

Frédéric Pouget, Group Maritime port and operations Director of Brittany Ferries, is delighted to confirm that: “Brittany Ferries, a leader in passenger transportation in the Arc Atlantique Corridor, is embarking on an innovative partnership with Total and committed to improving our environmental footprint. The shipping industry needs access to LNG. This partnership demonstrates that unique, local solutions can be developed to supply LNG to ships. In the first step of the upcoming energy transformation, Brittany Ferries intends to make LNG the preferred fuel for its future owned newbuilds.”

Béatrice Prud’homme, President of Dunkerque LNG, is also happy that the project has taken shape: “Dunkerque LNG is particularly proud of the trust once again shown by our partner Total. We believe in the advantages of LNG fuel and we are pleased to be teaming up with Total and leveraging its industrial expertise to help create an LNG fuel supply chain. The tank truck loading dock broadens our offering, capturing more value from our facilities. It is the first step toward other infrastructure for LNG fuel.

Stéphane Joffre, Commercial Director of Groupe Charles André, is particularly proud of the agreement: “It is the outcome of longstanding collaborative and innovative work with Total, BAI and Dunkerque LNG.  A European specialist recognized for its gas transportation expertise, Groupe Charles André has long been involved with shipping stakeholders in finding alternative, innovative, environmentally responsible solutions. This project aligns with that commitment. We are very pleased that we are sustainably engaged in this process to continuously improve performance and customer satisfaction. In addition, as part of the shift to new energies, all deliveries will be made by LNG-fueled trucks.

About Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries is a French company with 2,800 employees that carries 2.7 million passengers annually (of which 85% British), 200,000 commercial vehicles and 900,000 passenger cars between France, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain. The company’s passenger transportation activities have an induced economic impact of 14.7 million overnight stays in Europe, of which 9.7 million in France, 3.6 million in Spain and Portugal, and 1.5 million in the United Kingdom and Ireland. www.brittanyferries.com.

About Dunkerque LNG

Dunkerque LNG SAS, owner and operator of the LNG terminal in Dunkirk, is a subsidiary of EDF (65%), Fluxys, an independent natural gas transportation infrastructure company based in Belgium and active throughout Europe (25%), and Total (10%). Commissioned on January 1, 2017, the terminal has a regasification capacity of 13 billion cubic meters per year, or 20% of annual French and Belgian natural gas consumption, making it the second-largest LNG terminal in continental Europe. It is also the only one to be linked to two markets, France and Belgium. Gaz-Opale, a subsidiary of Dunkerque LNG (51%) and Fluxys (49%), operates the terminal. www.dunkerquelng.com

About Groupe Charles André

Established in 1932 and current led by Delphine André, granddaughter of the founder, Groupe Charles André (CGA) has successfully developed and diversified its original business of transporting hazardous materials by road to improve supply chain performance to meet its customers’ requirements. GCA reported revenue of more than €1 billion in 2016. A European transportation and logistics company, it cultivates the values of dependability and professionalism through a European network of subsidiaries serving customers from the manufacturing industry. Involved in multimodal transportation since 1978, GCA recently acquired Greenmodal Transport to strengthen its expertise in rail-road and barge-road transportation and develop a more environmentally friendly offering in addition to road transportation. The company, which has earned CO2 label certification and adheres to the French Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME) Charter, is strongly committed to reducing harmful emissions. For more information, visit www.charlesandre.com.


[1] Bretagne Angleterre Irlande S.A

[2] Mobile storage tanks with metal frames that meet the standards for bulk transportation of liquids.



Previous news


04- April 2017 Total and Pavilion Energy Ink MOU on LNG Bunkering Cooperation

Total and Pavilion sign an MOU for the LNG bunkering in Singapore

SINGAPORE, PARIS – Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions and Pavilion Gas signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on LNG bunkering cooperation in Singapore. Under the MOU, Pavilion Gas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pavilion Energy, will supply LNG as a bunker fuel to Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions, Total’s affiliate in charge of worldwide bunkering activities, for LNG deliveries to its marine fuel customers in the port of Singapore. The parties may explore further cooperation in logistics for LNG bunkering activities.


The MOU was signed by Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of Total, and Seah Moon Ming, CEO of Pavilion Energy and Pavilion Gas, on the sidelines of GASTECH 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. In 2016, Pavilion Gas was awarded an LNG bunker supplier licence by the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). Pavilion Gas was also appointed by the Singapore Energy Market Authority (EMA) as an LNG importer for Singapore. Total is a global gas player, involved across the entire LNG chain, from extracting natural gas onshore and offshore to processing plants where it is liquefied, stored and shipped in a fleet of specially designed carriers to regasification terminals for delivery to business customers.

Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of Total, said: “Our mission is to offer global and compliant solutions to our customers to meet the 2020 Global Cap requirements. Total has a long-established bunker activity and is also a strong worldwide LNG player, thus providing the required conditions to position the Group in the emerging LNG bunker market, where our ambition is to become a key player. In this context, developing a competitive worldwide LNG bunkering network will be key for the industry; securing access in the main hubs, such as Singapore, is part of our strategy. The MOU signed with Pavilion Gas is a real opportunity for Total to make further inroads in this promising new market.”  

Pavilion Energy views LNG bunkering as a future driver for LNG demand growth and welcomes this MOU with Total. Our role as an LNG bunker supplier is reinforced by the appointment of Pavilion Gas as an LNG importer in Singapore. The supply of LNG by Pavilion Gas as a bunker fuel in the port of Singapore supports Singapore’s position as a leading bunkering port, and contributes towards establishing a global LNG bunkering ecosystem. Pavilion Energy is pleased to collaborate with industry partners to build a robust LNG bunkering hub in Singapore and the region”, said Seah Moon Ming, CEO of Pavilion Energy and Pavilion Gas.

With the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) 0.5% global sulphur cap on marine fuels coming into force in 2020, LNG is set to play a significant role in the energy mix for the maritime sector. LNG as a marine fuel significantly reduces harmful emissions of sulphur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and CO2 and particulate matter compared to traditional bunker fuels.

About Pavilion Energy

Pavilion Energy invests in key liquefied natural gas (LNG) businesses to support the growth of a sustainable future in the region. Pavilion Gas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pavilion Energy, is responsible for the marketing and distributing of natural gas in Singapore and the region, including small-scale LNG and LNG bunkering initiatives; and participates in LNG trading across the globe. In 2016, Pavilion Gas was appointed by the Singapore Energy Market Authority (EMA) as an LNG Importer for Singapore. For more information, visit www.pavilionenergy.com.sg


01- February 2017 Total and CMA CGM Prepare for New Environmental Regulations in the Shipping Industry

Total, the world’s fourth-ranked international oil and gas company, and CMA CGM, a leading worldwide shipping group, have signed a three-year memorandum of understanding.

Total and CMA CGM Prepare for New Environmental Regulations in the Shipping Industry

The two partners will be combining their expertise to prepare for stricter fuel regulations in the shipping industry and further reduce the sector’s footprint by developing solutions that make container ships ever more environmentally-friendly.

Total will support CMA CGM by becoming its multifuel supplier, providing a comprehensive range of solutions:

  • Fuel oil with a sulfur content of 0.5%.
  • Fuel oil with a sulfur content of 3.5% for ships equipped with exhaust gas cleaning systems, or scrubbers, which reduce the polluting emissions before they are released into the atmosphere.
  • LNG, which offers numerous advantages from an environmental standpoint, including the reduction of CO2 emissions, the elimination of sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions, drastic decrease of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matters.

“As a global integrated energy producer and provider present across the oil and gas value chain, we aim to offer our customers a range of multifuel solutions to meet their different needs,” stated Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Total. “The new regulations require both marine fuel suppliers and shipping industry stakeholders to adapt quickly. That is why we are working hand in hand with CMA CGM, a long-standing partner.”

Accordingly, the Group’s specialized affiliate Total Marine Fuels will be renamed Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions on February 1, 2017. The new organization intends in particular to become a leading player in the LNG bunker market. Total is also very active in marine lubricants, which it markets under the Lubmarine brand.

“With the signature of this MOU, CMA CGM is continuing the sustainable development process begun several years ago,” commented Rodolphe Saadé, Vice Chairman of CMA CGM. “The solutions offered by Total will enable us to further minimize the environmental impact of the Group’s activities and is a next step in building a more environmentally conscious shipping industry.”


CMA CGM, founded and led by Jacques R. Saadé, is a leading worldwide shipping company. Its 536 vessels call at more than 420 ports in the world. In 2015, they carried 18 million* TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units). CMA CGM has grown continuously and has been constantly innovating to offer its clients new sea, land and logistics solutions. With a presence in 160 countries, through its 600-agency network, CMA CGM employs 29,000 employees worldwide, including 2,400 in its headquarters in Marseille.
* Combined pro forma CMA CGM and NOL.


15- December 2016 Total joins SEA\LNG with the objective to be a key player of the LNG bunkering market

Total, the world’s fourth-ranked international oil and gas company, has joined SEA\LNG, a multi-sector industry coalition created to accelerate the widespread adoption of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a marine fuel.

Total is a global gas player, involved across the entire LNG chain, from extracting natural gas onshore and offshore to processing plants where it is liquefied, stored and shipped in a fleet of specially designed carriers to regasification terminals for delivery to business customers. In 2015, the Group’s LNG production was of 10.2 million tons. Total’s objective is to double its liquefaction capacity to around 20 Mt/y and increase its LNG trading portfolio to 15 Mt/y by 2020.

Peter Keller, SEA\LNG Chairman, said: “SEA\LNG is pleased to welcome Total. The company has significant LNG interests integrated across its supply chain and ambitious growth plans. We look forward to working together with the aim of delivering significant business and environmental benefits to the shipping industry.”

Olivier Jouny, Total Marine Fuels Managing Director, said: “Our mission, as an integrated oil company, is to offer global and compliant solutions to our customers to meet the 2020 Global Cap requirements recently set by the International Maritime Organization. Total has a long historical activity in the bunker industry and is also a strong worldwide LNG player, thus providing the required conditions to position the company on this emerging LNG bunker market, with the objective to be a key player. Total’s ambition is to become the responsible energy major and the Group strongly supports the SEA\LNG drive to make LNG the preferred clean marine fuel of the future.”


SEA\LNG brings together key players from across the supply chain, including shipping companies, classification societies, ports, major LNG suppliers, downstream companies, infrastructure providers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to address market barriers and transform the use of LNG as a marine fuel.

SEA\LNG is a not for profit collaborative industry foundation serving the needs of its member organisations. SEA\LNG’s members include: ABS, Carnival Corporation & plc, DNV GL, Eagle LNG Partners, ENGIE, GE, GTT, Keppel Gas Technology, Lloyd’s Register, Mitsubishi Corporation, NYK Line, Port of Rotterdam, Qatargas, Shell, Total, TOTE Inc., and Wärtsilä.

SEA\LNG is guided by a board, which is led by chairman Peter Keller. Each member organisation commits mutually agreed human resources, data analysis and knowledge sharing in support of SEA\LNG initiatives and activities and financially contributes via a membership fee.

The SEA\LNG coalition was established by Xyntéo, an advisory body which works with global companies to identify and implement collaborative initiatives that enable businesses to grow in a new way, fit for the resource, climate and demographic realities of the 21st century.



13- December 2014 Germany - Our Brunsbüttel bunkerstation's offer is ready for the 2015 ECA regulations

Since the beginning of November TOTAL Marine Fuels in Germany is offering a new quality DMA gasoil grade (density max 0.890, sulfur max 0.1%) in addition to the traditional DMA gasoil grade (dens. max 860, sulfur max 0,1%) which it has been supplying for several years from its bunker installation inside the Kiel-Canal. Thorsten Hesse, Manager Sales and Supply is confident that this grade will be of interest to many of our customers  having to switch from the LS IFO when the new sulfur regulations come into force at the start of 2015. Both qualities can be delivered ex-pipe from 15 t up to a few hundred tons.

This offer compliments the strategy to also offer a low sulfur heavy fuel which is suitable for ships equipped with scrubbers. Thorsten added that increasingly he is seeing more and more ships using such technology especially in the area of Brunsbüttel, which is conveniently located in the middle of the ECA region. The quality offered will include both IFO 180 and IFO 380 with a consistent sulfur content of abt. 1,3%, an essential consideration in the optimization of the scrubber design.

Furthermore the flexibility of the Brunsbüttel facility permits Total Marine Fuels to offer tailor-made solutions from 1,0% to 3,5 % sulfur. 
All these ISO 8217 (E2010) products can be supplied by our barges in the ports of Hamburg, Stade, Brunsbüttel and up to Kiel. Finally for vessels using high sulfur fuel with abatement technology or navigating outside the ECA regions the high sulfur grades historically supplied will continue to be available.

Thorsten confirms that the aim of Total Marine Fuels Germany is to be viewed by our customers as a multi-energy supplier providing bunkering solutions, initially based on Fuel Oil and Gasoil and in the future on LNG and other alternatives.

For further questions please contact;

TOTAL Marine Fuel Germany 
Tel: + 49 4852 888 266
Mail: infobunker@total.de



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