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Because the starting point of a commercial relationship is the human dimension which we can develop together, Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions makes it a point of honor to put men and women at the center of its concerns.
That is why we make sure that our commercial team always remembers that a simple delivery is the result of exchanges between individuals and that every customer is unique and different.


Listening and availability

Listening, Nearness and Availability have to drive our actions every day, with the sole purpose of achieving customer satisfaction.
For Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions a "Win-Win Deal" is not a one-off, this actually governs our customer relationship in everyday life. Cultivating the customer relationship allows us to understand its expectations, doubts and concerns.
It also allows us to anticipate questions and provide assurances regarding evolutions in specifications and market fluctuations, by communicating our global vision of the environment based on projections updated daily.

Service and advice

Due to an efficient, longstanding network, Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions can provide technical and logistics assistance/support, refining advice and risk management through people recruited according to very specific criteria. Feel free to contact us for any further information.

Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions "Another way of thinking the bunker market".