Total, a specialist and leading trader and shipper in world oil markets

Our Total Trading & Shipping division is a leading trader in all major global organized and over-the-counter oil markets, including physical markets for crude oil and petroleum products.

Our trading specialists deal in the markets every day, buying and selling most grades of crude oil and nearly all refined products, such as fuel oil, gasoline and diesel.

Total Trading & Shipping comprises a team of 550 professionals in dedicated subsidiaries and offices - the three biggest of which are based in Geneva, Houston and Singapore - that conduct business in some 120 countries, all time zones and every strategic sector of oil markets.

The primary vocation of Total Trading & Shipping is to meet our own needs, by selling our crude oil production for the highest negotiable price, supplying our refineries on the best financial terms, importing and exporting petroleum products to align supply to local demand, and selecting and chartering safety-vetted tankers to transport cargo to its destination without mishap. Besides this constant push for optimization, Trading is also responsible for managing risks, in particular for limiting our exposure to sometimes extreme price fluctuations, over the space of a month, a week or even day to day.

Trading and price management are two areas in which Total has acquired widely acknowledged expertise, which we apply on behalf of a large number of partners and external customers.

Our trading teams have forged close, long-term relationships with a huge network of customers and suppliers worldwide, including national and international oil companies and all producers, refiners, traders, brokers, distributors and end users. As a result, they have access to widely diversified sources of supply and substantial resources, in addition to the oil refined for us.

Our trading expertise is rooted in knowing exactly what refineries and industrial customers need, a thorough grasp of energy fundamentals and each market's specific characteristics, and an ability to analyze events in real time. These traits are matched by impressive responsiveness, thanks to a global network of trading subsidiaries and offices.

Thanks to this expertise, Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions offers Price Management solutions tailored to the bunker market.