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Today, Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions (TMFGS) supplies ULSFO 0.1%S in the European Sulfur Emission Control Areas (SECA) zone and will extend its business to the new blend of VLSFO 0.5%S in the main bunkering hubs in September/October 2019.

As of January 1st 2020, the new regulations on shipping emissions will come into force, reducing the maximum sulphur content of marine fuel oil down to 0.5%S, except in the SECA zone where the maximum level is 0.1%S.


With our great expertise in fuel oil blending, Total has already designed several blends of VLSFO that are compliant to the new regulations and ISO 8217. All these blends have undergone rigorous testing by our research specialists. However, viscosity and cold flow properties will vary from batch to batch. Cold flow properties are still to be announced. Those customers without heating systems on board should contact TMFGS to discuss cold flow properties and specific vessel requirements.



TMFGS intends to supply VLSFO 0.5% at least in those ports where we already supply high sulfur fuels. We are confident that we will have sufficient capacity to supply our entire customer base with good quality VLSFO.

Our strategy to make our new product available at the beginning of Q4 2019 is designed to ensure that we are able to supply VLSFO while continuing to supply customers with high sulfur fuel throughout 2019, by aligning our refineries and supply chains with customer requirements.

Total's commitment to deliver in major hubs

Total's intended areas of supply for VLSFO

Container cargo ship

Successful Trials

Total was the first oil major to run a VLSFO trial. In March 2018 a containership was loaded in the Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam (ARA) range for a Europe-Asia trip. The fuel quality and engine condition were closely monitored throughout the voyage and feedback from the customer was excellent. The trial was not only an opportunity for Total to test its first batch of VLSFO, but also for the ship operator to implement on board fuel management procedures for crew. The trials have revealed the critical need to train sea and shore staff alike to deal with a new fuel with different properties to that of high sulfur blends.

VLSFO trials are available on request, please contact your local TMFGS office to make arrangements or send us a request.